People Actually Get Paid To Do This?

Onsite coffee shops, parties and fun group activities? Yeah, this is the life.

At Case Designs, we have one motto: Love Life and Be the Best You Can Be.  Our fun-loving employees are the best at what they do, and are always looking for awesome new people to add to their teams.  If you’re a creative person with big ideas, here are some reasons you might want to join us.


Cool Perks:

·      We have a Starbucks-inspired coffee shop onsite at our Philippines offices. Here, our team members can chat and collaborate, listen and play music, watch movies and just relax over a cappuccino or an afternoon snack.

·      Company parties and organized activities mean we like to hang out with each other both inside the office and out. Becoming a part of our team is almost like joining the “cool kids” club. Except instead of juice boxes, we have cocktails.  

·      If you play an instrument, do magic or perform a talent that doesn’t involve fire or nudity, you’re in luck – there’s ample opportunity to show off your skills. We do talent shows on the reg, so start planning your act now.


Getting’ Down To Business
We may like to goof off, but we definitely take our employees seriously. Everyone has a voice here – from junior designers to customer service reps, sales people to CEOs. And that’s just one of the ways we allow everyone to succeed.


From the get-go, newbies get great training so they can hit the ground running. Once they get up to speed, Case Designs state of the art production facilities and technology mean all employees have the latest gear to do their jobs, and do them well. Because at the end of the day, we believe happy, prepared, and ideas-driven people equal an innovative company with top-notch products.


So. Do you think you’ll fit in here? If the answer is “heck, YES!” we want to hear from you.