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PLdesign Smartphone Cases

Turn your phone into a work of art by adding a PLdesign phone cover or tablet cases. As partners in art, business and life, Mateja and Patrick are known for their diverse designs that always have an extra sparkle. PLdesign mobile device cases feature images created by vector graphics, traditional illustrations and photography that will stun the viewer.

Head Case Designs sells officially licensed phone cases by PLdesign with a variety of themes. You can order phone covers with nature artwork such as sparkly bamboo, flower petal and sunny clouds. There are geometric designs, holiday phone cases, wood structures and abstract photos. You might also get in touch with your inner geek by choosing cases that have technology-based puns.

The cases themselves are some of the best in the industry at shielding against wear and tear. Our PLdesign hard back cases snap right into place and can easily be removed if you want to switch to another design. There are also soft gel cases, hybrid covers and leather book wallet cases that fit your style. We make protective cases for more than 400 mobile devices at affordable prices so you're covered.
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