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Ecell Global is true British success story. Established in 2005 by brothers Tim, Murat and Cem Celikkol, the company had humble beginnings in Preston Market in Lancashire, UK.

In less than a decade, Ecell Global grew organically from a tiny startup to a global online retailer and manufacturer of consumer electronic products. Today, Ecell Global is the worldwide leader in custom mobile device case designs, with more than 3 million product offerings shipped worldwide.

We are one of License Global's Leading Licensees 2018

Licensees are a vital part of retail. License Global has once again named the Leading Licensees of 2018 and we made the cut!

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Ecell Philippines is ISO 9001:2015 Certified (UKAS Accredited)!


Ecell Global is best recognized by its industry-leading brand, Head Case Designs. Head Case was founded in 2011, in order to transform the traditional phone case from a simple form of protection to a form of personal expression. The brand’s extensive catalog of more than 7,000 unique, artistic designs for more than 250 supported devices gives customers a wide selection of mobile case options. Every day, the team at Head Case works hard to extend that selection into more new and exciting designs.

In addition to the staggering variety of cases designed by the Head Case team, customers can also choose to create their own one-of-a-kind designs. In just a few simple steps, visitors to the goheadcase.com website can use the self-service tools provided to transform their personal photos into unique case creations.



Our Mission

High-Quality Cases For All

Ecell Global produces an unmatched variety of beautiful, affordable and high-quality mobile case designs that allow our stylish customers to express their individuality.

Customer Appreciation

Ecell’s mobile case offerings are all about personal expression. That’s why we welcome customers to speak with us directly. Whether they have a question, concern, or compliment, Ecell Global is there to help.

Great People

Ecell’s mobile case offerings are all about personal expression. That’s why we welcome customers to speak with us directly. Whether they have a question, concern, or compliment, Ecell Global is there to help.


Our Corporate Values

Though we operate across different countries, cultures and languages, Ecell Global is a company unified by our shared values. 


Creativity is at the heart of our business; from the staggering variety of artwork we produce, to the ways we approach and solve challenges as a company.


Our goal is to provide our millions of satisfied customers with personal service and timely product delivery. Every time.



Ecell Global manufactures and delivers the highest quality products, based on proven, time-tested processes.  



Our global team works together to deliver the best possible products and experiences to both our customers and employees.



A corporate culture of continual innovation drives our new designs and next generation manufacturing and operational process. 


Manufacturing Process

In order to optimize global distribution, Ecell has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities strategically located around the world, including Blackpool, England; Orlando, Florida, USA; and our flagship location in Clark, Philippines. Our revolutionary “Just In Time” manufacturing process takes place at these locations, where each custom project is made and delivered on-site. This means that whether a case is designed by our designers or by our customers, it is produced within 24 hours of being ordered.

Ecell Global is dedicated to developing tools that allow the automation of complex original processes, which have been carefully refined over the past decade. For example, we’re able to manage a mind-boggling volume of custom orders through our proprietary, patented software, which keeps our production streamlined and efficient. Plus, with our manufacturing facility’s clean room environment, we are able to keep contamination such as dust out, ensuring that each custom made product is pristine. The result of all of this process improvement and industry leading technology is a high-quality product that customers can rely on.

Just in Time allows made to order customization.

Ecell patented proprietary software powers our production process.

Clean room environment. Ensures low rejects highest possible quality.

10 years of continued refinement of complex original process.

Global distribution hub. supports our worldwide client base.

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