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Every day, our hardworking execs are buried in spreadsheets, pacing the floor or hopping on planes to bring customers the quality products they expect. Learn more about the brilliant brains behind Ecell Global.


Cem Celikkol  // CEO & Co-Founder

Date Joined Ecell Global: 2005

Cem is the CEO, Co-Founder and man in charge of Ecell Global’s Head Case brand. When this all-around nice guy isn’t busy globe-trotting with his two brothers/co-founders, he’s keeping this company thriving. In just a few short years, Cem has overseen the launch of the Head Case brand, was the creator of our “Just In Time” production process, has helped create the impressive, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the Philippines, and has set up offices all over the world. In other words, by the time we mortals have poured our morning coffee, he’s probably already accomplished 6 major things for the day. We’d be jealous if we weren’t so impressed.

Tim Celikkol  // Director & Co-Founder

Date Joined Ecell Global: 2000

Tim is the one who started it all. As a university student, Tim began selling mobile cases and accessories in a tiny kiosk at Preston Market in the year 2000. Whatever he did not sell over those weekends at the market he would then sell on eBay. Obviously, that strategy of selling excess inventory online paid off. Under Tim’s leadership, Head Case is now one the top 10 global sellers on Ebay, and one of the largest sellers of custom designed phone cases in the world. Today, Tim extends his legacy by focusing on Head Case’s online market place listings and ensuring all our customers are 100% satisfied. Through his guidance, Head Case recently surpassed 3 million Head Case sales.

Murat Celikkol  // Director & Co-Founder

Date Joined Ecell Global: 2005

While most people like to keep family out of their business, Murat loves to work with co-founders Cem and Tim everyday. When he’s not planning the company’s next big move with his brothers, Murat is busy continuing improvements on Ecell Global processes and daily operations. Murat enjoys that his Director position takes him around the world on company business, which leads to all sorts of exciting adventures. In fact, his fondest memory pertains to when he arrived in China for the first time. There, he had to establish a new company branch without speaking the language or having a deep understanding the culture and business environment. Luckily, Murat didn’t have to speak Chinese to be able to bond with his new team over one of his main interests – cool technology! The rest is history.

Drew Ramos  // Head of IT

Date Joined Ecell Global: 2009

Drew Ramos is a man of few words and a whole lot of numbers – mostly ones and zeros, actually. As Head of IT at Ecell Global, Drew’s primary responsibility lies in defining, creating and maintaining the company’s internal software and tools. Drew also ensures that all Ecell Global product listings and orders are transacted correctly between our third party partners like Amazon and eBay. With Ecell positioned as one of the top sellers on each of these sites, Drew’s responsibilities in these areas are extremely important. When Drew’s not busy doing computer stuff, you might find him on an adventure somewhere abroad. But even then, he’ll most likely be online.

Ann Peralta  // Customer Service and Sales Fulfillment Manager

Date Joined Ecell Global: 2008

Ann, our animal-loving, coffee-drinking Customer Service and Sales Fulfillment Manager, is an integral part of our team. Every day, she does a dizzying amount of tasks, including taking care of our customer’s requests, and ensuring that orders are delivered on time as promised. When asked what she enjoys most about working at Ecell Global, Ann says “I like the people I work with. You have a chance to make a difference here, and our directors give us the freedom to manage our teams to reach our goals.” We couldn’t think of a higher compliment, and look forward to working with her for years to come!

Anthony Faulder  // UK and Overseas Manager

Date Joined Ecell Global: 2008

ANT is the UK-based Overseas Manager for Ecell Global. In addition to his superior ability to run our overseas offices smoothly and efficiently, he also possesses a quality that is most rare amongst Englishmen: his appreciation for American football. Yes, this Brit not only roots for his Blackburn Rovers at home, but also shares a love for the New England Patriots. Perhaps it’s ANT’s ability to balance seemingly opposite qualities that makes him so easy to work with; he’s both a soccer fan and a football fan, a humble yet assertive leader, a colleague and a friend. All these skills have enabled ANT to work his way up through the company over the years, and we can safely say the sky’s the limit for him. Even if he did tell us “darts” is also a favorite sport.


Dax Hoogerwerf  // UK Manager

Date Joined Ecell Global: 2008

Dax is many things: a member of the Head Case family, an amazing manager, and a Liverpool Football Club fanatic. As one of the original members of the Ecell Global team, he’s witnessed a small family company grow in to an exciting, worldwide operation. Today, he keeps everything running smoothly and manages a lucky team in the UK. When he’s not improving processes to make both our employees’ and customers’ lives better, Dax can be found on the football field or with his wife and adorable daughter.

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